9.11.2019 - 10.01.2020



Daniel Hundertmark



Decay is arid: from man remains the injured dust of the soul, from his places and sites, cracks in abandoned objects.


Daniel Hundertmark creates his photographic fragments from these remains in order to give them new, decontextualized forms. The artist refers to his artwork simply as collages. They are entirely new pieces created from photographs that have been deconstructed, transmuted, stylized, and overlaid.


Degenerations is the artist's intimate exploration of mostly analogue photographs of forgotten legacies and forgotten documentations of individual lives. Maps focuses on the concentration of urban spaces and objects that the artist frequented and observed repeatedly, and whose disruption, deterioration and use he has captured in numerous photographs.


Daniel Hundertmark is a graphic artist and photographer from Berlin. D E C A Y displays works from two of his current series begun in 2018, Degenerations and Maps, for the first time. It is the artist’s first solo exhibition in Berlin.


The KOSTBAR GALLERY will be offering a limited edition of framed, photographic copies of the artwork with a special designation as such.


The 8th issue of the KOSTBAR GALLERY Journal will feature photographs of works from this exhibition as well as texts by Christoph Kolk.